anna mcdowell

Anna McDowell – School Teacher and Attendee of Both Monica’s Bible Studies and Speaking Events

“Monica believes God is who He says He is. As she seeks to please her Savior in word and deed, she serves her family, friends, and church with integrity and sincerity. You will see these virtues in her as she speaks truth into your lives. I am certain you will not regret spending a few hours with such a genuine and inspiring woman of God.”

lynn silver

Debra Smith – Former Missionary and MOPS Mentor Mom

“Monica Bailey inspired our MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) group with a Christ centered message which was interwoven with a wonderful personal God story! Our group was both challenged and encouraged by what we heard.  Monica impacted us also as she showed care and concern for every person she met in our group.”
debra smith

Lynn Silver – Women’s Ministry Leader, Langston Baptist Church South Carolina

“When our ladies ministry was looking for a speaker for our Prayers and “Pinterest Retreat, we knew immediately that Monica was the one.  Who better to ask to speak at a retreat on prayer than someone who is a prayer warrior.  To spend any time with Monica you will know that she is such a prayer warrior and she is someone who is attentive and listens to the direction that God is leading her.  If your women’s ministry is looking for someone who will speak from her heart and is receptive to the Holy Spirit, Monica is just that person.  She is real with the women and the love of God oozes from her which then makes her love for others even more genuine.”

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