Jesus Loves the Little Children

I was intently listening to the beautiful voice of my sweet friend who was singing like an angel as usual in our worship service that morning; lost in my own moment of rejoicing. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a small figure moving toward the front of the church, and I realized it was a young boy just 7 years who felt compelled to come forward and pray during the song. Sitting on the third row I could easily see the emotion on this little boy’s face as he fell to his knees visibly moved by the song, but more so I believe by the Holy Spirit moving in him. Somehow I felt like I was at that moment, privy to a glimpse into the heart of Jesus. You see this little boy we have grown to love dearly also has Down’s syndrome, and I can recall praying over him with several other brothers and sisters in Christ when he was just a new baby asking God to use him in a mighty way.

Often I must admit over the years I’ve had such compassion and concern for this child who the world may view as weaker due to the health challenges he struggles with daily, but in this blessed moment he seemed to me to be the strongest person in the room as he reached for a tissue by the stairs before he stood up once again. His face was red and stained with tears, but he looked up toward the ceiling of the church as if he was looking right into Heaven, and he simply smiled toward the ceiling before returning to his seat.

I am reminded of the words of Jesus Himself when he said, “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:4

Somewhere along the way toward adulthood, we begin to believe that we can rely on our own abilities, talents, education, or influence to enable us to be successful…to be considered great. When I think of a child, and especially an infant, I think of a helpless little person whose needs are entirely dependent on the person who cares for him. Oh how true this is with our Creator!

“Father, let me remember that you are the only one in whom I can trust for all of my needs, and yet you are more than sufficient! May I be like a little child totally dependent on you for all things even when my circumstances may not make sense to me. I choose to trust you in all things! In Jesus name…Amen.”